Passepartout and MyForecast sign an unprecedented agreement

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Passepartout and MyForecast sign an unprecedented agreement

A partnership that represents a decisive move in the hospitality industry to enhance technological support at the service of Hotel Management.

Passepartout customers will be able to manage their revenue management strategies directly within their PMS thanks to the pricing algorithms and automation of MyForecast, one of the most important Hotel Revenue Software in the industry.

The MyForecast Light module will be available to Passepartout customers in Welcome, the management software of the well-known software house, in the section dedicated to Revenue where they can analyze and manage the data of their structures. These will be accessible automatically.

“A partnership, the one with Passepartout, which could not be missing. For thirty years they have been creating simple and complete management solutions. A vision of hotel technology that unites us” declared Vito D’Amico, CEO & Founder MyForecast, part of the Sicaniasc hospitality group.

A “fluid” management system that of Passepartout, the result of research and the desire to create software that adapts to the needs of companies, able to overcome the simple concept of booking management to open up to a global and integrated project aimed at coordinating with a single tool for all the operations that take place within each receptive structure.

“In order to offer an increasingly complete and performing product, the integration with MyForecast represents a fundamental step in the evolution of Welcome. Revenue Management is by its nature a highly dynamic field, in continuous evolution and our PMS can now benefit from the constantly updated algorithms of MyForecast ” these the words with which Rudy Ricci, Director of R&D Area Horeca Retail at Passepartout, welcomed the new partnership.