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Viale Europa, 69 – 95027 San Gregorio (CT)

Phone: +39 095 494395
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How to reach us

Office hours

From Monday to Friday
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The Revenue Software
that maximizes your revenue

The only solution for unprecedented Revenue Management

Why MyForecast RMS?

Get reliable forecasts

A revenue analysis that will decide the fate of your business requires absolute precision.

Plan your strategies

Smart automations. Customize screenshots. Compare data year over year, up to three.

Save time

Don't spend energy on revenue actions that you can automate. You will love our Price Helper.

Multiple integrations

Immediately activate strategies on all channels: +50 integrated PMS and CM, national and international.

Simplify your workflow

Compare performances and budgets, always identify new revenue margins. In a few clicks.

Reduce the error rate to zero

Absolute accuracy: no errors in Excel formulas, data collection or wrong integrations.


Make your predictions

Predict what might happen.
Build and analyze all possible scenarios to seize market
opportunities in time. Forecast shows you the data you
need to understand the direction you are going and make targeted decisions.

Price Helper

It manages your rates automatically

Save time and reduce the error rate.
Price Helper takes care of the revenue, the MyForecast algorithm that checks the dates and periods of your choice on a daily basis and changes the revenue automatically or asks for your consent.

Revenue Management System ideal for:


Hotel Consulting Companies

open air

Hotel Groups

Revenue technology supplier for BWH Hotel Group Italy


About MyForecast RMS

I have been using MyForecast for a long time and in various accommodation facilities. In fact, I have seen it born and have followed it in its growth over the years, with all the implementations created by the Revenue Managers who develop it on a daily basis. I consider it a very valuable tool, developed according to the needs of analysis and capable of giving you, in a few moments, a clear view of sales to make your decisions. Today, I can't do without it anymore!
Sebastiano Gangemi
General Manager Grand Hotel Baia Verde
I am a simple Revenue Manager: I need to make decisions quickly, efficiently and effectively for my company. In choosing a Revenue Software we met the MyForecast product during a fair and, in the end, it turned out to be exactly what we were looking for: not a tool that suggests me whether to raise / lower the price, but that gives me all the sales information we need to make accurate decisions. Arrived by chance at this product, I would certainly recommend it to many colleagues.
Francesca Debellini
Revenue Manager e Sales Analyst Ticino Hotels Group
It is the 2nd year that we use it and we continue to be enthusiastic about it: it is a complete and intuitive tool, which allows us to optimize working times. All the structures of our chain make use of this software, and also the additional tools, which we are configuring, we are confident will make our analysis even more complete. We renew our congratulations to the Team for the timeliness, punctuality and kindness with which they assist us in the daily use of the tool.
Adriano Faustini
Sales & Operations Manager Parc Hotels Italia
During a Revenue course at the Sicaniasc office I discovered MyForecast. It immediately seemed really useful for small structures like ours where there are no specific sales & marketing departments, but we find ourselves doing a little bit of everything. I learned that the previous year's figure is of interest only to the extent that it can be improved the following year. After one year I am more than satisfied, we have improved both sales, RevPAR and Budget. The increase in prices, which was previously a nightmare and was often not done for this reason, has become fast and intuitive with even daily variations, which was unthinkable before. I recommend it without hesitation, the program pays for itself and is now indispensable for us. I admit that my only reticence was to share our information and statistics sent in order to set the program. Instead, I was supported and reassured both in the pre-contract phase and throughout the setting. The team is always available for questions or help, which is not common. Checking the statistics means a commitment of time and resources that, for a small structure, are not always there, while now it is quick and immediate, allowing me to compare the trend with the previous year at a glance and greatly facilitating revenue planning of the following year. The preferred tool of all the reception is "quotations" for calculating the estimate, a real treat for us, avoiding every time the cross-check on booking, hesitation on the phone and unpleasant price discrepancies allowing us to be fast and safe on the phone. I recommend it without hesitation, the program pays for itself and is now indispensable for us.
Coralie Meisner
General Manager Hotel Donna Rosa
I have been using it for a few months and I immediately found its great use in implementing sales strategies. It is a tool able to increase turnover and improve performance. Easy to use, but at the same time it generates detailed and complete statistics which are able to give great support in pricing decisions. Thanks to the Team who has always been ready to answer any questions or concerns with continuous assistance.
Francesca Di Girolamo
Direttore Hotel Polo
As a cluster, we have many strategic needs but, above all, we need a tool that supports us in group analysis. With MyForecast we have overcome both obstacles: we are able to analyze and manage the revenue policies of each individual hotel, monitoring the complete picture in a single screen.
Giovanni Dell'Armi
General Manager Hotel Don Luis, Sport Village Hotel & SPA e Alle Vecchie Arcate Hotel
Finally an advanced data analysis. With the SameDayLastYear tool, I can easily compare the current year with the previous year on the same analysis date. With SDLY mode, MyForecast shows me not only room nights, but also pick-up, production and average rate at that precise moment. Contextualizing this information between my historical and forecast data helps me understand if the pick-up I am recording follows the natural trend of sales or if it is necessary to take action to correct the shot.
Gabriele Galieni
General Manager Lido Palace & Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort
It was immediately the solution to our analysis needs. Precise and detailed, it has allowed us to create analyses and reports that are useful in everyday life and fundamental for in-depth long-term analyses. The great advantage it gives you is being able to work with a multitude of real data entering the system unaffected by variables outside the net rate. Basically, we work with clean data that is immediately usable. Furthermore, I can manage the daily sale price even for long stays, without having to limit myself to the average price.
Luca Betta
General Manager Hotel Rudy
It is advanced and complete: we are able to manage and customize our analyses in multiple ways. With the use of charts and statistics we keep all data under control and with SameDayLastYear the turning point has come! Since it has been active, we have been able to better set the current and future strategy. We have also installed the additional tools of Rate Shopping and Brand Reputation, in this way the software is even more complete and we can also control competitors from all points of view.
Ana Paula Bracarense
General Manager DUPARC Contemporary Suites
Viewing the calendar on a single screen is certainly one of the aspects that most satisfies me. I can check all the performance indicators on a single date of stay. For me a useful tool, I would say indispensable, to manage sales by market segment and by rate. I have everything under control for the whole month. With the Quotes Tool, I can always have the correct rate to sell at. It has greatly facilitated this activity, optimizing the times of our daily work.
Cristina Gemignani
Titolare Giulia Hotel
It is a simple and intuitive system. I manage four structures that are very different from each other and my work has been considerably streamlined and simplified; I can also manage everything in real time. In my opinion, the advantages of this software are: being able to immediately see the pick-up revenue, the business sources and being able to change the rates with a simple click. The more I use it, the more I realize that it has many functions that day after day we will learn to use to their maximum power.
Antonella Pascale
Direzione Commerciale - Gruppo alberghiero
We are a consulting company for small structures with the aim of making the life of our customers easier; MyForecast allows us to be fast, accurate and effective. The seven-day view facilitates accurate assessments for each date, the inclusion of rates in the standard view allows us to speed up action and direct comparison between types, while the general statistics are the most viewed page by our customers who, with the year comparison current and previous, have the big picture of sales.
Sabrina Scacchetti
General Manager Professione Accoglienza S.r.l.
The real added value is the Team, that makes the difference. There is no product or price that holds if there are no people behind them who guide and support you when you have a problem. During the startup phase of the system there were a series of errors that kept us blocked. The problem was not attributable to MyForecast, but, despite everything, Antonio was always present taking care of even the infinitesimal details until the problem was solved. This thing is priceless to me.
Gianluca Piemonte
Direttore Hotel Amicizia Rimini
Dynamic pricing easier and faster. What I prefer is the order of the information and the organization of the data, which make the revenue strategy quick and easy, whether it is a price update on a specific day or whether you want to change a longer period. The ability to report the events that impact the demand on my hotel in the current year, while keeping track of the events of the past year helps me in defining the pricing from year to year.
Fabio Crescentini
Sales Manager Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo
It is the revenue software that solves my problems, I can no longer do without. My favourite thing is the visual immediacy with which I daily analyse pick-ups, cancellations and quotas to determine the rate changes for each type of room. The ability to view the main KPIs as of today compared with the same date of the previous year, allows me to be more aware of the data in my possession and to understand the progress of the structures compared to the past year. -- It is the revenue software that solves my problems, I can no longer do without. Important is the possibility of being able to align non-fixed event dates with the Offset function. Thanks to the intersection of all the sales indicators, I have constant help to set the correct revenue strategy for the current year. It also interfaces perfectly with our PMS, which sends the data that is entered daily to MyForecast twice a day. Their synchronization is essential.
Giorgia Bertamini
General Manager Hotel Al Maso e Residence La Vigna
It is a tool that has ensured us a significant leap in quality in the management of the three structures, revealing new opportunities for the management of our business. Dynamic and precise, it allows a daily analysis of the employment and production of each individual structure by developing the forecast of the trend as well as ensuring the processing of daily historical data; the year-over-year comparison allows us to manage the trend compared to the previous year, changing the pricing quickly and easily.
Marisa Cornella
Titolare Du Lac Vital Mountain Hotel e Residence Rio Piccolo e Stefanine
An immediate, fast and super performing software! Since we have been using MyForecast at the hotel, me and my collaborators' working times have been optimized. With the SameDayLastYear function, the daily analyses are much more in-depth and detailed, I can read them in a single screen or enter the data in the graph for an even easier view. Definitely a positive turning point for my revenue management strategies!
Giacomo Bessi
General Manager Hotel La Torretta

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