Best strategies 

Push your  Revenue behind lines

Best strategies 

Push your  Revenue behind lines

The software

MyForecast is a Revenue Management Software tailor-made
by revenue managers for independent hotels and hotel groups who want to maximize their revenue.

MyForecast is a Revenue Management software tailor-made by revenue managers for independent hotels and hotel groups who want to maximize their revenue.

Revenue Technology. Thinking behind Pricing 

Create revenue strategies based on comprehensive data analysis, sales forecasts and automated rates. Immediately develop effective sales techniques that increase the occupancy of your hotel, in any season.


Make your predictions

Predict what might happen.
Build and analyze all possible scenarios to seize market opportunities in time. Forecast shows you the data you need to understand the direction you are going and make targeted decisions.

Price Helper

It manages rates automatically

Save time and reduce the error rate.
Price Helper takes care of the revenue, the MyForecast algorithm that checks the dates and periods of your choice on a daily basis and changes the rates automatically or asks for your consent.

Complete data analysis

the whole truth about your hotel

Understand how and where Revenue is generated. All your data is integrated, organized and just a click away. PickUp, Revenue and Room Night, reservations, cancellations, divided by sources and room types. 
Compare performance up to three years.

Statistics and graphs

Manage sales, by period or by month, compare all the indices of the current year with the previous ones, in the final balance and SameDayLastYear. Compare your Revenue, Room Night and ADR budgets, broken
down by source.

Cluster e Multi Property

All your business in one view. Manage small, medium and large structures in an immediate and centralized way.

Look at the external context

Rate Shopper

Correctly evaluate the competitive set rates according to your goals with the OTA Insight Rate Shopper function based on historical, current and future data sets in real time.


Measure the performance of your hotel by comparing them with that of the territory, to perfect commercial, marketing and investment strategies.

Brand Reputation

Analyze the overall opinion in the selected period, by source channel, type of user, topic and time intervals directly in MyForecast.
software revenue management

Import/Export data

Import and export all the information on MyForecast, as well as all the statistical data, in XML, CSV, Excel format.


When you have doubts about the meaning of an acronym or a term, consult the internal Glossary section to retrieve the terminology used within the software in one click.

Video Tutorial

Handy video tutorials from our team dedicated to the key features of MyForecast that you can consult whenever you want to spice up your software training.

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