Go Beyond the basic 

Advance your Revenue skills


Advance your Revenue skills

Advanced Training

Training to help you get the most out of your Revenue Management strategies by exploiting all the potential in MyForecast.

The program:

01. Evaluate Revenue performance over time.

Analyzes the KPIs of the current year, in relation to the days or months that have already passed. Learn how to evaluate the right strategies to modify and improve the revenue performance of future months.

02. Analysis of current rates.

Analyze the currently published rates to understand if they are in line with market demand, the objectives and the offer on the destination.

03. More occupancy.

Learn how to make occupancy more linear by avoiding availability “gaps” on certain days/room types.

04. Selling more high-yielding chambers.

Learn the actions to drive sales on the highest-yielding rooms.

05. Forecast for the coming months.

How to build the possible scenarios for the coming months to act promptly when they are not in line with the objectives.

06. Manage sales performance.

Learn to assess if sales are following the same pace as the previous year and, if not, learn how to accelerate them.

07. Formulate the Budget for next year.

How to outline and define the budget for next year.

08. Analyze the performance of the various channels.

Evaluate the current performance trend of your channels by relating it to the performance achieved in past years.

09. Improve sales of individual channels.

Learn the actions that can improve Revenue and ADR performance of one or more specific channels.

10. Plan the new rates.

How to define and plan the starting rates for next year or next season based on all the data  that MyForecast shows you.

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