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Viale Europa, 69 – 95027 San Gregorio (CT)

Phone: +39 095 494395
Mobile: +39 3349289647

How to reach us

Office hours

From Monday to Friday
09:00 – 13:00
14:00 – 18:00

Start with the basics 

All you need to get started

Basic Training

Learn how to set up a Revenue Management strategy from scratch on MyForecast.

  • Mode of execution: online or in person, at the facility.
  • Duration: 10 hours.
  • Target audience: owners, directors, front office managers, booking managers, revenue managers.
    Possibility to tailor and customize the content.
  • Who conducts it? One of our consultants who work in the field and interact daily with dozens of hotels nationwide.

The program:

01. OnTheBook analysis of the various KPIs, as the pickup change.

Analyze the OTB of the various Key Performance Indicators as the pickup changes.

02. Set up the pricing strategy.

Learn how to set up the correct pricing strategy according to the pickup and the demand pressure divided by source and by room.

03. Manage restrictions.

Understand how to manage restrictions based on the
performance of room types.

04. When and why change rates.

Learn to analyze Revenue, ADR and sales forecasts based on future events compared with past events. When and why to change rates.

05. SameDayLastYear: maximize Revenue.

How to use the data SameDayLastYear and when you
need to act to maximize Revenue.

06. Set up and compare Budgets.

Understand how to set up annual, monthly and daily
budgets. Learn to compare them and understand how much your hotel is growing and according to which parameters.

07. Booking sources and Revenue comparisons.

Learn how to use “Sources” well (booking sources or macro channels or market segments) and learn how to increase their performance. Compare the different revenues broken down by source with comparison OnTheBook, CurrentYear, LastYear and SameDayLastYear and make your own budget assessments broken down by sources.

08. Competitive-set rates and Rate Shopper.

According to your goals, practice the correct evaluation of the competitive-set rates. Learn how to use a Rate Shopper.

09. Maximize Revenue with Demand Pressure.

Understand how to act in time to maximize your Revenue based on the analysis of “market demand”.

10. Consult the graphs and customize them.

Learn how to use graphs to view data profitably. Define which ones are significant for your hotel to always keep track of changes per day, month or period of your choice.

11. Set up the alerts.

What are Alerts and what is the purpose of setting them. Learn how to set up the Alert feature to receive automatic notifications of changes or events that have changed with respect to considerations of your interests on the dashboard or in email.

12. Price Helper - Automatic rate change

Learn how and when to set up the automatic rate change, based on dates and periods you have chosen or events kept under control.

13. Brand Reputation e pricing.

Understand how to use Brand Reputation data for your price management assessments.

14. Interpret the statistics.

How to interpret the statistics of the month, the period, the year of the individual sources or the hotel as a whole to increase Revenue.

15. How to create starting rates.

Define which indices to consider for the starting rates creation of the following year. Learn how to divide rates by Source, Event Dates, Room Type.

16. Rate plans and rooms.

Learn how to easily and effectively create and manage rate plans as well as rooms according to rate needs.

17. Rate plans and pricing needs.

Develop rate plans according to your economic goals and your pricing needs.

18. Manage upgrades and overbooking.

Learn how to manage scheduled and contingent upgrades and overbookings.

19. Statistics for Forecast.

Statistics: how to interpret them and how to use them to
make forecasts.

20. Send rates to the Channel Manager.

Understand how to send rates from MyForecast to the
Channel Manager and what to consider.

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