What happens now is already strategy 

A daily dialogue with PMS and Channel Manager

What happens now is already strategy 

A daily dialogue with PMS and Channel Manager


Save time. Acquire the data relating to reservations, stays and cancellations automatically, without errors, from your Property Management System every day.

Overviews or graphs? Consult all the data relating to your Revenue in the view you prefer. Compare years, months, days or dates of events. Get organized rates information: accurate, for a secure foundation on which to build Revenue actions and
strategies today; complete, to make predictions and be ready for those of tomorrow.

Transform the information acquired from the analysis into rates changes on all your channels by sending it to the Channel Manager in a few clicks. Or activate the MyForecast monitoring and configuration tools to manage pricing actions automatically to constantly grasp every Revenue opportunity that arises.

We communicate with over 50 PMS and Channel Managers

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